knee1 W2S2 [ni:] n
[: Old English; Origin: cneow]
1.) the joint that bends in the middle of your leg
Lucy had a bandage round her knee.
on your knees
She was on her knees (=kneeling) weeding the garden.
sink/fall/drop to your knees
(=move so that you are kneeling)
Tim fell to his knees and started to pray.
a painful knee injury
2.) the part of your clothes that covers your knee
His jeans had holes in both knees.
3.) on sb's knee
on the top part of your legs when you are sitting down
Daddy, can I sit on your knee?
4.) knees knocking (together)
if your knees are knocking, you are feeling very afraid or very cold
5.) on your knees
in a way that shows you have no power but want or need something very much
Unemployment was so bad in the 1930s that they went on their knees nearly to get jobs.
6.) bring sb/sth to their knees
a) to defeat a country or group of people in a war
The bombing was supposed to bring the country to its knees.
b) to have such a bad effect on an organization, activity etc that it cannot continue
= ↑cripple
The recession has brought many companies to their knees.
7.) put/take sb over your knee
old-fashioned to punish a child by hitting them
8.) on bended knee(s)
old-fashioned in a way that shows great respect for someone
knee/elbow pad atpad1 (1), learn/be taught sth at your mother's knee atmother1 (4), the bee's knees atbee, weak at the knees atweak
knee 2
knee2 v [T + in]
to hit someone with your knee
I kneed him in the groin.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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